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Submitted by user viniciusgerevini; MIT; 2021-10-17

Godot Editor plugin for importing animations from Aseprite as SpriteFrames to be used in AnimatedSprite.

- Adds Aseprite file importer to Godot.
- Creates SpriteFrames with Atlas Texture to be used in AnimatedSprites.
- Separate each Aseprite Tag as its own animation. In case no tags are defined, import everything as default animation.
- Converts Aseprite frame duration (defined in milliseconds) to Godot's animation FPS.
- Exports Aseprite file as single SpriteFrames resource, or separate each layer as its own resource.
- Filter out layers you don't want in the final animation.
- Supports Aseprite animation direction (forward, reverse, ping-pong)
- (Importer only) Supports importing Aseprite files as SpriteFrames, Atlas Texture, Animated Texture and Texture strip.

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