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Submitted by user Whimfoome; MIT; 2021-06-17

This is an easily modifiable Inventory System ready for use. If you need anything further, you can add it. I tried to make the code easy to read.

How it works:
- Inventory Component - you add this node to any other node and now it has Inventory. (example: Player, Container). The functions and the data is stored in the component.
- The Slots are just UI with Item Structure and Amount. For example, a slot can contain the information of Apple Item and how much amount it has. It takes this information from the Inventory Component.
- Inventory Window just makes an array of Slots.
- Every Item is a different class and that makes the system dynamic. You can make every item to make whatever function you want and is very easy to use.

- Written in GDScript
- The system can be extended to almost every type of game that uses Inventory (RPG, Survival, Action-Adventure, etc.)
- To open the Player Inventory, press Space or Enter. Other things are made as buttons, but you can implement them in your game in whatever form you want.
- Use Items with Right Mouse Button
- Inventory Query with Esc
- Supports Slot Drag and Drop by holding Left Mouse Button and Tooltips by hovering the mouse over a slot

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