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ScenePortal2D 1.1 Misc 3.2 Community

Submitted by user jonnymind; MIT; 2020-07-05

Changing scenes seems one of the most hairy problems Godot newbies are facing. While other game engines have a clear concept of "level" and simple ways you can transfer between them, Godot has a much more powerful concept of "scene", but moving between them requires ad-hoc scripting.

This module automatizes scene switch, and offers a powerful set of objects to help you design both level transfers and programmatic scene transition.

* The SceneChanger object can be directly used to change scene, optionally using transitions objects to perform visual transition between scenes.
* The SceneChangerCtrl object provided can program the scene changer, so that you need writing less code, and rely on GUI to configure your scene changes.
* ScenePortal2D objects can be placed in your levels, and given a target scene and exit portal directly from the UI, without any script.
Transition controls can be added to the SceneChangerCtrl and to the portals to configure scene transitions without having to script them.

New in this version:
* Intra-scene portals
* Support for portal loops
* Support for teleport (moving player objects to remote scenes).

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