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Submitted by user NoodleSushi; MIT; 2020-06-30

Audio Effects could be confusing to users who may be unfamiliar with the Audio Engineering environment and its tools. Looking at sliders with no visual feedback may seem a little daunting. This is where the Audio Effect Inspector comes in handy! It enables you to control your tools much easier with a graphical interface; like any VST plugin used in DAWs.

The Audio Effect Inspector allows you to interact with Audio Effects with responsive graphical feedback.
Currently Supports:
- AudioEffectDistortion (New in v1.3.0)
- AudioEffectEQ
- AudioEffectReverb
- AudioEffectDelay
- AudioEffectPanner

v1.3.0 Updates -
- Implemented AudioEffectDistortion

v1.2.0 Updates -
- Implemented Preset Browser (AudioEffectReverb only supported in the meantime)
- Presets could be edited in addons/AudioEffectInspector/Presets/presets.cdb using CastleDB
- Fixed the 3D scene for AudioEffectReverb

If you encounter any problems, please don't hesitate to submit an issue here :

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