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Submitted by user brunosxs; MIT; 2017-12-12

SMRT-Godot: System for Multi Rethorical Texts for Godot is a dialog system with a fancy name.
SMRT-Godot is a dialog system + editor created for my needs while making a game. It gives a new approach to dialogs and multi-language support for the game/project, by using simple JSON for storing information that is interpreted by the dialog system.


- Resolution independent
- Instead of X and Y coordinates, it uses 3 different positions relative to the screen viewport: Top, middle and bottom
- Typewriter effect with optional sound.
- The text accept bbcode and its myriad of features like setting the colors of words
- Pretty customizable

- Implemented the injection of variables inside the dialog by using {{VARIABLE NAME}} in the dialog. See How do I insert a variable inside the dialog, like the player name or the amount of money?
- Refactored the answer display system, it can now grow to the size of the screen if needed..
- Bugfixes

- Fixed crash in face display

For a complete changelog and more info:

For a blog post going through the use of SMRT:

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