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CSG Export (.OBJ Mesh) 0.3.2 3D Tools 3.3 Community

Submitted by user mohammedzero43; MIT; 2021-07-17

Export CSG Meshes with 1 click

How to use :
- Combine all your CSGMeshes under a CSGCombiner node then press (Export to OBJ) in the Spatial Container Menu.

Limitations :
- Only works when you select 1 CSGCombiner node (Cant multiselect)

- Only material diffuse and emission colors will be exported (Textures and maps wont be exported, but you can add them manually in your 3D editing software)

- The plugin is still experimental ,so please report for bugs at: mohammedzero43@gmail.com

=== New Version 0.3.2===
*Bug fixes by (@szabotudor):
--Object variable is cleared before being reused (to avoid stacking old meshes over new ones)
*Bug fixes by (@mohammedzero43):
--Fixed an issue with exporting .mtl and .obj with unmatched names

=== New Version 0.3.0 ===
*Usability improvements by (@Janders1800) :
-- Added a FileDialog so the user can select where to save the exported obj file

=== New Version 0.2.0 ===
*Bug fixes by (@Henriquelalves) :
-- Empty materials will now have a default material applied
-- script fixes in writing object name

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