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Command Palette 1.4.1 Misc 3.2 Community

Submitted by user leleat; MIT; 2020-04-01

1.4.0 :
- Code Snippets have been moved into their own plugin with a dedicated keyboard shortcut
- all files can now be searched (not just scenes and scripts)
- Project/Editor settings are available from this plugin
- Project settings can be added with this plugin
- new scripts can be added to any nodes in the current scene
- Properties (in the inspector) of the selected node can be focused to edit them with the keyboard

- open built-in help page to see the how this works


- Quicksearch/filter all scripts/scenes or only the open ones.
- Quickly switch between the last 2 opened files.
- The file names are preceded by a line number and followed by their file path. Activating the file path will select the file in the filesystem dock.
- Opening a script also opens the scene, which the script is attached to. This gives you autocompletion on the Node(Paths) and their methods.
- A copy button is available to the right of the filter. This way you can quickly copy the file path or code snippet by tabbing from the filter box.
- set custom shortcuts/keywords in the inspector

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Sha256 Hash: 7ed1a057aca58bfa67b6308d0a64b1182967ab30dc646012900b202987945336