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A Dialogue Box 0.2 2D Tools 3.1 Community

Submitted by user divirad; MIT; 2020-01-15

Easy to use dialogue box for all kind of games with not many features.

## Set up in edtior
Only the directory "addons/adbox" is necessary

## Set up in a scene

Activate the plugin. Another class `DialogueBox` is now added to your editor. You can now add it as a childnode to a scene. This new class has some script variables you have to set before using it.

`Message Sound`: The sound that is played with each letter. (WAV)<br>
`Font`: the font you want to use. <br>
`Action Name`: the name of the action to be used to jump to the next message.<br>
`Wait Time`: The time to wait between each letter.<br>
`Block Time`: The time in which a dialog box-related input is going to be blocked immediately after the dialog box is closed.<br>
`Margin Top Bottom`: Margin size of top and bottom<br>
`Margin Left Right`: Margin size of left and right<br>

## Set up in code

if Input.is_action_just_pressed("ui_down"):
$DialogueBox.talk(["Message 1","Message 2", "Message 3", "Message 4"])
## Signals

`dialogue_exit`: when the dialog box is closed, it sends this signal.

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