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GPU Tilemap 0.9.8 2D Tools 3.1 Community

Submitted by user FabianLC; MIT; 2020-05-06

This an alternative to the built in tilemap node for games that don't need all of it's features or need better performance when drawing a lot of tiles, the tilemap is rendered with a shader and performance depends on the resolution and the GPU, so the amount of tiles on the screen doesn't affect performance.
How to use:

-The editor supports basic things such as undo/redo, paint, erase and has a rectangle selection tool, brushes are made selecting things on the tileset view or from the selection on the map.
-Node instance generation via custom scripts.
-Flip tiles vertically and horizontally
-Import maps from Tiled exported as json with csv tile data, the importer will ask you about which layer you want to import and what tileset you want to use.
-Save and load brushes from files
Save and load maps from files

-Maps are stored as ImageTexture, if you are targeting mobile and low end devices don't use maps larger than 1024x1024 tiles( 2048x2048 should be fine but I'm not sure if that's good for low end mobile phones).
-Tilesets can have a maximum size of 256x256 tiles.
-Unfolding the image property of the ImageTexture that stores the map crashes the editor, this is a Godot editor bug.
-Only one tileset can be used on a single GPUTilemap node, this is because shaders don't support sampler2d array uniforms on GLES2.

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