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Nakama Client in GDScript 0.9.5 Misc 3.1 Community

Submitted by user dsnopek; MIT; 2019-12-08

Client for communicating with Nakama, an Open Source game backend, using Nakama's complete REST and realtime APIs.

Unlike Nakama's client (which is written in C#) this one is written in GDScript, and so it'll work on all the platforms that Godot supports (like, HTML5 and iOS which still don't support C#).

And it's more Godot-ish, it so it might be easier to use for Godot folks. :-)

See documentation here:

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Sha256 Hash: 3781f042547ade950c58059891f79f640de3f7cb14eb86220d8f1206e459185e