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GIFT - Godot IRC For Twitch 0.1.0 Tools 3.1 Community

Submitted by user MennoMax; MIT; 2019-11-02

This addon provides a node that can be used to easily interact with the twitch IRC chat. Commands are registered similar to how you connect a node.

- connect to twitch using a secure websocket
- join/leave channels, request twitch capabilities
- send chat messages/whispers/raw data
- register commands with min/max amount of args
- check for permissions to execute the command
- many signals to process additional data
- shows raw data in output log while in debug mode

You will need to get a OAuth token. Either use this link to get a token using your own client_id from your registered application;

Or this link to get a token for testing;

The script in the repository should get you started.

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Sha256 Hash: 17849262f3b54997b1b6909d06135b872a0a295b9ef06aa64528087875d3d8e1