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SyndiBox Text Engine 1.7.1 Tools 3.2 Community

Submitted by user Sudospective; MIT; 2020-10-20

A powerful engine perfect for dialog-heavy games such as RPGs, visual novels, platformers, etc.

Recent hotfixes (1.7.1):
- Updated version in
- Updated version in

Recent changes (1.7.0):
- Added scollbar
- Added a way to start dialog through script
- You can change how long before auto-advance
- You can now disable the scrollbar and use the old text transposing
- Added an option for the scrollbar to follow the text
- Added the signal tag which emit a signal when read
- Text hide and pause can support more than 10 seconds/ticks
- You can manually hide/pause printing
- You can stop advancement of dialogue
- Updated to show added and changed features
- Various bug fixes and optimizations

Known Issues (1.6.0):
- "Tipsy" and "Drunk" positional effects do not work properly with instant print.

Big thank you to all contributors so far, you've been a huge help! <3

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