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Turgy's Behavior Tree Plugin 1.0 Tools 3.1 Community

Submitted by user yanevyuk; Apache-2.0; 2019-09-25

A behavior tree plugin with a graphical interface.
INSTRUCTIONS: //After activating the plugin
1. The _tick() method of the behavior tree must be called from any script.
1. Add the BehaviorTree node under any object
2. In the BehaviorTree node, change the logicRoot to which node it'll affect.
3. Choose the Behavior Tree Folder, this is the folder where your action and condition scripts will be stored.
4. Whenever you select the behavior tree node, you will see a new dock next to Inspector and Node.
5. In this screen, you can create your behavior tree.

Note: You can right-click to create new nodes or click the new button on the left.
Ctrl+S saves the current state, however it is a lot safer to click save.
Calling the _tick method from _process or _physics_process might make the game freeze.
Adding a repeat node after the root node and calling the _tick only once fixes this problem.

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