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Terrain Editor 0.4 3D Tools 2.1 Community

Submitted by user Zylann; MIT; 2019-10-09

A heightmap-based terrain node for Godot Engine 2.1, written in GDScript. More details in README or Github.

Note: while I think the plugin can be used, I plan to add more features so I set the major version to 0. Expect potential changes in the API when minor version increases (the last version digits are for bug fixes and small features)

If you encounter any bug, take a look at the issue tracker: https://github.com/Zylann/godot_terrain_plugin/issues

Feature changelog:

- Added texture paint through vertex colors
- Added HumanSheeple's shader to support up to 18 textures
- Added jump to the demo, I guess
- Fix Modo navigation conflict

- Added collisions
- Improved demo with a simple character controller
- New icon

- Added flatten brush mode
- Fix terrain having no default size

- Fix bottom panel editor conflict

0.1: Initial release
- Heightmap edition with undo/redo
- Small demo with simple texture-less shader

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