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Submitted by user Dr_TwiSteD; MIT; 2019-11-02

An abstraction layer for Godot Engine to enable interaction with Twitch chat.

You can find the legacy versoin (For 2.x) here: https://godotengine.org/asset-library/asset/161

* v2.0.0
- Backend now uses the newly introduced `WebSocketClient` which makes connection to twitch irc more streightforward and secure using SSL/TLS;
- Message emotes are now parsed and can be retrieved (as textures) to be used in the game right away (NOTE: only static `png`/`jpeg` images are supported). TwiCIL supports `Twitch` as well as `BetterTTV` and `FFZ` emotes;
- All of the code was refactored so as to use new `GDScript typing` feature introduced in `Godot v3.1`.

* v1.3.0
- Add your aliases for commands. They become a regular commands with a cloned reaction, so you can manage them as regular commands;
- Chat list is now present, so you can track what users join or leave your chat (the corresponding signals are there) .

* v1.2.1
- Integrated interactive commands.
You can now easily add commands for the bot and reaction callbacks to them in a glimpse of a second!

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