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MagicaVoxel Importer with Extensions 1.2 3D Tools 3.1 Community

Submitted by user CloneDeath; MIT; 2019-07-03

This plugin lets you import MagicaVoxel scenes in their entirety. Most extension chunks are implemented... which means you can import the entire scene, and each model in the scene will be rendered at the correct location. This includes groups, rotations, flips, translations, and even reference copies! Lastly, each voxel is translated from MagicaVoxel space to Godot space! No more mirrored or rotated models!

- Added basic support for materials (It doesn't match MagicaVoxel exactly, and it's not supported in Greedy Mesh Generator).
- Added Greedy Mesh Generator (it's a LOT faster by culling out extra polygons. Unfortunately, does not currently support materials)
- Added option to snap your model to the ground

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Sha256 Hash: 92adefed78c2b5312a40ea7bc58182ff43b3d64238f658844c154412c598170a