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FLMusicLib: Play chiptune music and mp3 in godot. 0.1.1 Misc 3.1 Community

Submitted by user FabianLC; LGPLv2.1; 2019-03-16

Platforms: Windows(64 and 32 bits), Linux(64 bits).


GDNative library that plays mp3 and chiptune music files. The project uses GameMuseEmu, Minimp3 and libsoundio


-Currently a lot of things are hardcoded like the sample rate(44100) and the sound format (S16LE), I think these settings work on any hardware but I might be wrong.

-mp3 files must have a constant bitrate.


-bool PlayMusic(String path,int trackNum,bool loop = true,int loopStart = -1,int loopEnd = -1,int startMsec = 0)

-void StopMusic()

-bool IsPlaying()

-void SetVolumeMultiplier(float vol)

-void StoreMusicState()

-void RestoreMusicState()

-int GetTrackPositionMsec()

-void TogglePause()


-track_ended: emited when the music is not looping and a music track ends, timing might not be accurate(Or might not be emited at all but I haven't seen that yet) for chiptune music since the music length is unknown.

Source: https://github.com/MightyPrinny/godot-FLMusicLib
Demo: https://github.com/MightyPrinny/godot-FLMusicLib/tree/demo

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