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LinuxLikeConsole 1.1.0 Tools 3.2 Community

Submitted by user codot; MIT; 2019-11-02

Only the "console" folder is needed

Full documentation/wiki/usage/changlog on:

- Auto completion / suggestion
- Custom commands
- Custom Channels (Default only 'All' Channel)
- Custom/built in themes (arch theme, ubuntu theme, windows, light, dark, text_only)
- Built in commands like
-> man, tree, ls, cd, help, alias, setDock, clear, ...
- Predefined and runtime forwarded parameters (runtime forwarding is prioritized)
- Easy BBcode support (like: [b]this is bold[/b])
- Logging
- Dragable console
- Slide in animation
- User rights (to restrict the usage of developer only commands)
- Additional Visual and Logging functions (warn, error, sucess )

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