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Terrain3D 0.9.2 3D Tools 4.2 Community

Submitted by user TokisanGames; MIT; 2024-07-09

A high performance, editable terrain system for Godot 4.2 written in C++ as a GDExtension plugin.

* GPU driven, Geometric Clipmap Mesh Terrain
* Can be accessed by GDScript, C#, and any language Godot supports
* Up to 16k x 16k in 1k regions
* Up to 32 textures
* Up to 10 levels of detail
* Foliage instancing
* Sculpting, holes, texture painting, texture detiling, painting colors and wetness
* Imports heightmaps from other tools

* This build works on Godot 4.2.2+ in Windows and Linux.
* MacOS binaries are unsigned. If you have trouble with Apple security, please build from source.
* Mobile binaries are experimental, Web/Compatibility unsupported. Read here for more:

After installation, restart, then enable the plugin in Project Settings/Plugins.
See full Installation & Upgrade instructions:

Read all documentation here and watch the tutorial videos.

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