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Submitted by user neclor; MIT; 2024-05-23

Functions on GDScript for finding real roots of polynomial equations of degree up to 4 (quartic).

Functions take a value of type float and return a sorted array of real roots. If there are no roots, return an empty array.

func example():
var roots: Array[float] = Equation.quartic_solve_real(1, -10, 35, -50, 24)
print(roots) # Prints "[1, 2, 3, 4]"

roots = Equation.cubic_solve_real(2, -11, 12, 9)
print(roots) # Prints "[-0.5, 3]"

Functions in current version
linear_solve_real(a: float, b: float) -> Array[float]
quadratic_solve_real(a: float, b: float, c: float) -> Array[float]
cubic_solve_real(a: float, b: float, c: float, d: float) -> Array[float]
quartic_solve_real(a: float, b: float, c: float, d: float, e: float) -> Array[float]

Arguments that are too large or small can lead to inaccurate answers.

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