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Ultimate Retro Shader Collection 1.3.0-4.2.2 Shaders 4.2 Community

Submitted by user Zorochase; MIT; 2024-07-10

Ultimate Retro Shader Collection (URSC) is a unification and enhancement of various “retro-3D” shaders sourced from the Godot community. These shaders are essential for creating authentic graphics reminiscent of the PlayStation (PSX) or Nintendo 64 (N64).

IMPORTANT: be sure to check out the collection's documentation on GitHub, ESPECIALLY the Getting Started page, after downloading! There are a couple steps you'll need to take before you can use the shaders in your project.

Features include:
- Vertex snapping (a.k.a. vertex jitter)
- Affine texture mapping (a.k.a. texture warping)
- 3-point texture filtering (as seen on N64)
- Special "metallic/reflective" and "shiny/glossy" effects
- Distance-based texture LOD (as seen in some PSX games) (1.2.0+)
- Distance-based, per-vertex fog (1.3.0+)
- Single-image, flat sky (1.2.0+)
- Screen-reading color reduction with dithering and additive/subtractive fade effects
- Customization through a wide range of uniforms and macros
- Support for all rendering methods (Forward+, Mobile, and Compatibility) (1.1.0+)

Docs and more can be found here:

If you want a better idea of what URSC has to offer, try the demo right in your browser:

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