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Submitted by user Adriankhl; MIT; 2024-05-30

This plugin adds GdLlama, GDEmbedding, GDLlava, and LlmDB nodes which provides functionalities to generate text using large language model (LLM).

* Simple text generation
* Enforce the format of text generation output by Json schema
* Instruct and interactive mode
* Sentence Embedding
* Multimodal: generate text from image or game screen
* Vector database for retrieval augmented generation

If you have concerns about legal issues of LLM in games, check this documentation: https://github.com/Adriankhl/godot-llm/blob/main/LLM_LEGAL.md

Support Windows (cpu, vulkan), macOS(cpu, metal), Linux (cpu, vulkan), Android (cpu)

macOS support is on best effort basis since I don't have a mac myself

This is a gpu build, if you want cpu backend only, you can get it from the github release page: https://github.com/Adriankhl/godot-llm/releases

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