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Submitted by user RodZilla; MIT; 2019-01-14

Platform2d is a plugin for Godot that provides two new classes that can be used to create levels for 2D platformer games.

ThinPlatform is a simple platform that is drawn along a curve using user defined textures.

ThickPlatform is defined by a closed curve and drawn using fill and edge textures.

Both classes inherit from StaticBody2d and generate their collision shapes automatically. They also have a "Moving Platform" option that, if set, will automatically update the platform's constant linear velocity when the platform is moving.

The platform aspects can be saved and applied to new platforms using the "Materials" drop-down list.

- v0.1: initial release
- v0.2: fixed for Godot 2.2, updated the user interface
- v1.0: added edge textures for the top border of ThickPlatforms, a sample texture set (Simple Grass, inpired from Kenney's assets & tutorials) and undo/redo handling
- v1.1: bug fixes and optimizations
- v1.2: updated for Godot 3.0.x

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