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Scene Tools 0.7.1 3D Tools 4.2 Community

Submitted by user fastxz; MIT; 2024-05-24

Scene Tools is an editor plugin for Godot 4.2+ to help you with editing your 3D levels and quick prototyping. It currently only supports asset placement.

0.7.0 changelog:
* Erasing support (by right clicking). Only objects that were saved in a packed scene can be erased (i.e. stuff you placed using the plugin and things you instantiated manually)
* Added rotation randomization
* Updated UI
* Fix brush being invisible in certain situations

How to use

1. After enabling the plugin, open the "Collections" tab at the bottom of the window.
2. First, you will have to create a collection. Click "File", select "New collection", enter its name and click "Create".
3. Save the file somewhere in your project. If you want to remove collection from the list, simply right click on it.
4. Drag and drop your assets into empty space on the right.
5. Select the asset you want to place from the list. Right click if you want to remove it from the collection.
6. Select any node in the scene tree. Objects will be spawned as children of this node.

You should now be able to place the asset.

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