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Submitted by user meluiz; MIT; 2024-04-09 transforms your Godot projects by adding robust internationalization capabilities directly within the Godot Editor. It offers an intuitive interface for managing multiple languages, aiming to make your game globally accessible without the need for external tools. streamlines the localization process through an easy-to-use GDScript plugin, enabling dynamic text translation in a variety of languages with minimal setup.


- Seamless integration with the Godot Asset Library for straightforward installation.
- Activation through Godot's Project Settings, ensuring the plugin is readily available across your project.
- Autoload feature for "Vertere" and "Utils," making internationalization functions accessible globally within your project.
- Comprehensive support for creating and managing language dictionaries directly in GDScript, allowing for quick setup and iteration of localized content.
- Ability to set and change locales on the fly, catering to a global audience by accommodating their language preferences.
- Dynamic text translation using simple GDScript functions, supporting placeholders for personalized content.
- Enhanced project organization by allowing developers to focus on game development rather than worrying about localization details.

All functionalities are designed with performance and ease of use in mind, ensuring a smooth and lag-free experience. The plugin's settings and features can be easily customized through the Godot Editor, allowing developers to tailor the internationalization process to their specific needs. is an essential tool for developers looking to expand their game's reach to a global audience.

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