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Submitted by user Zylann; MIT; 2020-06-16

An editor plugin to edit translation files from inside Godot Engine. It supports .csv and .po files, although gettext support is limited to what Godot can handle. It can also be used as a standalone editor if translation_editor.tscn is run or exported as main scene.

New in 0.3:

- Minimal supported version of Godot is now 3.1
- Added support for string prefix
- Added support for JSON and C# files (preferably useful with string prefix)
- Added options in ProjectSettings (category `TranslationEditor`)
- Limited prints to warnings and errors, the rest uses Godot's verbose option
- Typed GDScript is now used in the plugin's codebase
- Fixed `tr()` calls within an str() call not being detected
- Fixed calls to `TranslationServer.translate()` not being detected
- Fixed renaming a string key not marking files as changed
- Fixed window titles not being detected
- Fixed previous extraction results not being cleared when opening the dialog again
- Fixed "clear search" button not updating search results and remaining shown

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