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MapCamera2D 1.0.0 Scripts 3.5 Community

Submitted by user Julian-Vos; MIT; 2024-04-01

A node that adds mouse, keyboard and gesture zooming, panning and dragging to Camera2D. Exported properties:

- zoom_factor (multiplies Camera2D.zoom each mouse wheel scroll)
- zoom_min (minimum Camera2D.zoom)
- zoom_max (maximum Camera2D.zoom)
- zoom_relative (if true, mouse zooming is done relative to the cursor)
- zoom_keyboard (if true, zooming can also be done with the plus and minus keys)
- pan_speed (adds to Camera2D.offset while the cursor is near the viewport's edges)
- pan_margin (maximum number of pixels away from the viewport's edges for the cursor to be considered near)
- pan_keyboard (if true, panning can also be done with the arrow keys)
- drag (if true, the map can be dragged while holding the left mouse button)

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