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Submitted by user BananaHolograma; MIT; 2024-04-04

This repository is a double threat: it's both a template to get you started and a learning tool to help you grow as a game developer. We've kept it minimalist, focusing on functional code that you can easily build upon or modify, without any pre-made menus or clutter.

Most of the components are neatly separated into 2D or 3D folders, making them easy to find and use. if you only need one component or autoload you can copy the code and use it in your project directly, it is not necessary to download it as a plugin or this entire repository.

⚠️ This document is a compilation of knowledge I've gathered during my first year of learning. While it may not be comprehensive or officially supported, it's intended to be a helpful resource for others starting their own learning journey⚠

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