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UDIM Shader Material 0.2 Materials 4.2 Community

Submitted by user pkmollman; MIT; 2024-04-01

Adds UDIMShaderMaterial, and UDIMTextureTilset, allowing for the use of UDIM tiled textures for 3D meshes.

# Usage
1. Create a UDIMShaderMaterial in a 3D material property.
2. Create a UDIMTextureTileset in the "Albedo" > "Albedo Tileset" propererty of the UDIMShaderMaterial
3. Click left click the UDIMTextureTileset to reveal an "Import UDIM Texture Set" button, left click it.
4. Browse to and select one of any of the appropriately named UDIM tile textures from the tileset you'd like to use.
5. Done!

This is an early iteration, any feedback is appreciated!

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