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Submitted by user Godot Engine; MIT; 2024-03-28

This contains multiple plugin demos, all placed in a project for convenience.

Due to GitHub issue #36713, you need to open the project to import the assets once, then close, then open:

See the documentation on editor plugins for more information:

How it works:

This project contains 4 plugins:

- The custom node plugin shows how to create a custom node type using `add_custom_type()`.
- The material import plugin shows how to make a plugin handle importing a custom file type (`*.mtxt`).
- The material creator plugin shows how to add a custom dock with some simple functionality.
- The main screen plugin is a minimal example of how to create a plugin with a main screen.

Check the `` files included in each plugin's folder for more information.

To use these plugins in another project, copy any of these folders to the `addons/` folder in a Godot project, and then enable them in the project settings menu.
For example, the path would look like: `addons/custom_node/`

Plugins can be distributed and installed from the UI. If you make a ZIP archive that contains the folder, Godot will recognize it as a plugin and will allow you to install it.
This can be done via the terminal: `zip -r custom_node/*`

Language: GDScript

Renderer: Compatibility

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