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Volumetric Fog Demo 4.2-31d1c0c Demos 4.2 Featured

Submitted by user Godot Engine; MIT; 2024-03-28

This is an example of Godot's volumetric fog capabilities with the Vulkan renderer.

Showcased features are:

- Positive/negative density volumes that affect albedo (incoming light) and emission.
- Box/ellipsoid shapes, height falloff, and density modulation using a 3D texture.
- Temporal reprojection for greater stability and avoiding flickering. The difference is demonstrated with a moving fog volume.
- Global density adjustment. With FogVolume nodes that have a positive density, it's possible to apply volumetric fog only in specific areas.
- Custom FogVolume shader with real-time 3D noise. Shader provided by alghost: https://godotshaders.com/shader/moving-gradient-noise-fog-mist-for-godot-4/

Language: GDScript

Renderer: Forward+

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