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TerraBrush 0.4.3Alpha 3D Tools 4.2 Community

Submitted by user spimort; MIT; 2024-04-20

A minimal C# Terrain heightmap editor for Godot engine.

Key Features :

Sculpt - Sculpt your terrain with a heightmap
- Increase the terrain
- Decrease the terrain
- Smooth the terrain
- Flattern the terrain
- Set height (paint to a specific height)

Paint textures - Add colors to your terrain with the textures painting tool
- Normal map and roughness texture are supported

Foliage - Add foliage to your terrain (ex. Grass)
- The foliage follows the main camera with a given maximum distance

Packed scenes - Scatter packed scenes to the terrain
- Multiple objects can be scattered with one brush
- Random Y rotation is supported
- The packed scenes will always follow the terrain
- Live adjustment of the position while the terrain is sculpting

Water - Add water to your terrain
- The water will make the terrain go lower for the painted area
- The packed scenes and the foliage will also get lower with the water
- Support for custom shader

Water flow - Paint the direction of the water

Snow - Add thick snow to your terrain
- The texture of the snow is configurable so it's easy to make something like sand
- Support for custom shader

Multiple brushes
- Custom brushes are also available

Pie menu

- The plugin has been made so it's really easy to use. A lot of shortcuts are available.
- LShift - Reverse the tool. Usually, this option will go from "Add" to "Remove". For the sculpting option, this does the "Smooth" option.
- V - Show the PieMenu for the current tool
- B - Show the PieMenu for the current brush
- N - Show the PieMenu for the current tool option (ex. While painting the textures, the PieMenu will show textures)
- G - Show a quick select for the brush size
- H - Show a quick select for the brush strength
- K - Toggle "Auto add zones"
- X - Lock on X axis
- Z - Lock on Z axis
- Shortcuts can be Re-Assigned. To Access them, Goto 'Project->Tools->TerraBrush Key bindings' to access the keymap, and ability to re-assign keys.

Settings - Some settings are available in the "ProjectSettings->TerraBrush" (ex. The decal color)

LOD - The terrain is created using a custom clipmap mesh so less vertices are needed.

MultiZones - The terrain support creates multiple zones (or chunks or regions) to improve performances on bigger terrain.

Heightmap based blending - Textures can be blended with heightmaps/bumpmaps with custom intensity.

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