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Log.gd, a gdscript pretty-printer v0.0.5 Tools 4.1 Community

Submitted by user russmatney; MIT; 2024-04-12

Log.gd provides static functions for printing colorized output. These
are intended as drop-in replacements for `print(...)`.

- `Log.pr(...)` - pretty print args in one line
- `Log.prn(...)` - the same, but with newlines
- `Log.warn(...)` - pretty-print without newlines AND push a warning via `push_warning`
- `Log.err(...)` - pretty-print without newlines AND push a error via `push_error`

This is very useful while developing, because your printed output is much more readable.

Colorized output

The colorized output really shines when showing nested data structures (`Arrays` and `Dictionaries`), but it's also very useful for other gdscript primitives, like `Vectors`, `NodePaths`, and `StringNames`. Support for more types is easily added, feel free to create an issue!

Call-site prefixes

Log's print functions will prefix the output with the name of the script the log comes from, including the line number.

This call-site feature is really nice! Unfortunately it can only be used during development - it depends on `get_stack()`, which is not available in production builds or at `@tool` script time.

Opt-in via duck-typing

You can opt-in to pretty-printing in your classes by implementing `to_pretty()`, which Log will pickup via duck-typing.

class_name ExampleClass

func to_pretty():
return {val=12}

func _ready():_
Log.pr(self) # colorized `{"val": 12}`

Full docs here: https://russmatney.github.io/log.gd/#/

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