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Quiver Leaderboards 0.5 Misc 4.0 Community

Submitted by user amitQ; MIT; 2024-04-04

Quiver Leaderboards (https://quiver.dev/leaderboards/) allows you to easily add global leaderboards to your game. Quiver Leaderboards support multiple types of leaderboards (all scores, highest score, latest score, or cumulative score) so you can track scores exactly however you'd like. You can also segment scores by time so you can support daily, weekly, or monthly high scores. Quickly get started by using our default leaderboards UI or create your own.

NOTE: This plugin requires the installation of the Quiver Player Accounts plugin.

Learn more: https://quiver.dev/leaderboards/
Documentation: https://github.com/quiver-dev/quiver-leaderboards-godot-plugin#quiver-leaderboards

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