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Submitted by user KoBeWi; MIT; 2024-02-09

Extension for the Tween system. It adds:

TweenNode - a Node wrapper for Tween. It allows for configuring the Tween from the inspector and provides a reusable Tween object. You can either use it with TweenAnimation or via code, by implementing the virtual initialize_animation(tween) method. If TweenAnimation is used, you need to set a root node, similar to AnimationPlayer root.

TweenAnimation - a Resource that defines an animation for a Tween. You can use it with a regular Tween by calling apply_to_tween(tween, root) or by assigning it to TweenNode. The root is the base Node for animation paths.

TweenAnimation editor - a complete editor for creating TweenAnimation resources. You can add animation steps and add Tweeners to steps to create animation. The editor supports simple animation playback to preview what you are editing.

TweenNode and TweenAnimation come with a documentation. For more information and images see the GitHub repo.

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