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Godot Aerodynamic Physics 0.4.1 3D Tools 4.2 Community

Submitted by user addmix; MIT; 2024-03-26

Provides nodes for aerodynamic simulation.

For Godot Asset Library installs:
Ensure that addon files are installed inside res://addons/godot_aerodynamic_physics
This folder structure allows for this plugin to be used as a git submodule, because of this, Godot does not automatically install it to the correct path.

To get started, add an `AeroBody3D` node to your scene, and add as many `AeroInfluencer3D` nodes as necessary.

It is suggested to set `center_of_mass_mode` to `CENTER_OF_MASS_MODE_CUSTOM` for weight balancing.

Simulation may become unstable with some combination of: mass too low, aero surfaces too large, or simulation sub-steps too low (advanced project settings path: "physics/3d/aerodynamics/substeps") Make sure `mass` has been configured, otherwise increase `physics/3d/aerodynamics/substeps` in project settings

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