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AudioStream Subtitle 0.86.6 Tools 4.1 Community

Submitted by user S83gamedeve; MIT; 2024-03-26

it provides an easy and Simple way to ADD SUBTITLE to you game while using audio

This is my first Plugin and I publish it for FREE
to be your assistant ;)
It's not necessary but if you can, credit me on your project as well :D

My twitter: s83gamedev
my youtube is Soroosh.S83
idk if it needs my email adress or not

! don't add child to this custom node!!

Instruction/ How to use:
1- just copy the addon folder into your project

2- open your project in godot and go to project setting

3- go to plugins and enable The AudioStream Subtitle Plugin

4- Add node and node name is AudioStream_Sub
0.85.2 - enhanced and fixed some bugs
0.86.6 - fixed most of the bugs

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