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Scene Object Brush 1.2.0 3D Tools 4.2 Community

Submitted by user Sacristan; Unlicense; 2024-05-14

Scene Object brush is a 3D addon drawing tool for the Godot game engine. It's meant to ease the placement of scenes (ref Unity prefab drawers). I was not in a mood to do all the manual work to create a nice tree scenery, therefore i did what any sane (or not) developer would do - create a tool for that.

## How to use?
* import addon and enabled it under Godot Project Settings / Plugins
* Add a Brush node to scene
* Select Brush node (and optionally settings)
* Use Left mouse button to place objects / Right Mouse button to erase them
* Profit ?

## Which Godot versions are supported ?
Godot 4.0+

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