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GDScript Formatter 0.1.0 Tools 4.2 Community

Submitted by user Daylily; MIT; 2024-04-12

An addons of Godot Editor(4.x) for formatting GDScript.

## Feature:
1. Install/Update "gdtoolkit": Project-> Tool-> GDScript Formatter: Install/Update gdtoolkit
2. Formatting:
- By shortcut, default is: Shift+Alt+F
- By tool menue item: Project-> Tool-> GDScript Formatter: Format script
- By Command palette: pop up cammand palette (default by Ctrl+Shift+P), and comfire command "Format GDScript".
3. Format on save: default is disabled, turn on it by changing preference (refer below for more detail).
4. Preference:
- You can modify **shortcut** and **formatting preference** by editing resource which are localed at "res://addons/gdscript_formatter/".
- You can change **gdformat** and **pip** command by editing "res://addons/gdscript_formatter/format_preference.tres" (if these commands can't be found but are installed).

## Requirements:
1. For formatting: "gdtoolkit"
2. For install/update "gdtoolkit": "pip"

Please ensure these requirements can be found in your environment.

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