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godot-yaml 0.9.2 Misc 3.2 Community

Submitted by user Beliar; MIT; 2020-03-20

Adds the ability to print and parse variables to and from yaml.


Since this is a godot native plugin, you first need to (pre)load it like this:

yaml = preload("res://addons/godot-yaml/gdyaml.gdns").new()

After this the basic usage is like for JSON:

To convert a value to a yaml string you need to use the print method, like this:

var yamlstring = yaml.print(1.0)

The parse method takes a yaml formatted string and tries to convert it into a godot variable

var value = yaml.parse(yamlstring)

If it cannot convert the string it will give an error message with information why it could not convert something and the position inside the string where it failed.

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Sha256 Hash: 13e8f70b508ffcf05e885415e09950c219d682765b9466985e0438b10ab74222