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COGITO : Immersive Sim Template Beta 202403.24 Templates 4.2 Community

Submitted by user Phazor; MIT; 2024-03-25

COGITO is a first Person Immersive Sim Template Project for Godot Engine 4. In comparison to other first person assets out there, which focus mostly on shooter mechanics, COGITO focuses on providing a framework for creating interactable objects and items.

Current Features:
- First person player controller with:
- Sprinting, jumping, crouching, sliding, stairs handling, ladder handling
- Fully customizable attributes like Health, Stamina, Visibility (for stealth) - Component-based, so easy to add your own.
- Lots of exposed properties to tweak to your liking (speeds, head bob, fall damage, bunny hop, etc.)
- Easy-to-use dynamic footstep sound system

- Inventory System
- Flexible resource-based inventories
- Inventory UI separate from inventory logic
- Examples for multiple item types (consumables, keys, ammo, weapons, combinable Items)
- Base class to easily add your custom item types

- Interaction System
- Component-based interactions makes it easy to turn your own objects interactive quickly and customize existing ones
- Examples for interactive objects like doors, drawers, carryables, turn-wheels, elevators, readable objects, keypads

- Quest System
- Save and Load System as well as scene persistency
- Full game pad support!

- Fully featured Demo Scene
- Set up like a game level including a variety of objects, weapons, and quests
- In-game helper documents that explain how objects in the scene were set up

**Important:** COGITO is still under active development. While some features are pretty much set, others might change soon. Use at your own risk and check Issues and Discussion pages for more information.

Please find the latest version on the GitHub repo.

For full list of contributors and credits, please see the GitHub page.

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