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Godot Map Loader 0.8.31 3D Tools 3.1 Community

Submitted by user Toshiwo; MIT; 2019-04-07

Loads maps from Mapbox and renders it in 3D.
The module tries to represent that data as accurate as possible and being as fast as possible, being this way ideal to load dynamically the terrain (imagine flight simulator that can load terrain from anywhere in the world as you go).

Create a scene with directional light, a camera, etc. Then add a TerrainLoader node. And then in the node's properties set latitude, longitude and zoom level (It's the Cordinates setting, or Tilecoords if you want to enter directly the tile X/Y/Z). You can load multiple tiles by just changing the coordinates, usually, once entered the first Lat/Lon/Zoom you may want to just change the tile, so that you have contiguous tiles. The "Arrange Tiles" checkbox will enable automatic alignment of the tiles, based on their tile position.

You will need to open an account to Mapbox and paste the API key in the settings of the node.
It is also required from Mapbox that you use their watermark, see the main scene example or look here: https://www.mapbox.com/help/how-attribution-works/

I am working on a totally new version of this add-on, but it is not ready yet.

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