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Tiled Map Importer 1.5 2D Tools 2.1 Community

Submitted by user vnen; MIT; 2017-09-13

Import TileMaps from Tiled Map Editor (http://mapeditor.org). This imports each map as Godot scene which can be instanced or inherited.

New on 1.5
* Fix a bug that caused infinite loops on some maps.

New on 1.4:
* Navigation polygon now is set correctly.
* TileSets with non-sequential IDs are supported.
* Fix issue with absolute paths in the TMX.
* Now it allows tile images with unmatched sizes.

New on 1.3:
* Detect polygons to select if it's convex or concave.
* Sort polygons' vertices to ensure they are in the order Godot expects.
* Support for post-import script.
* Fixed bug that failed to import polygonal collision shapes.
* Fixed bug that caused infinite loop when the re-import errored.

New on 1.2:
* Support for image and object layers.
* Custom properties now become metadata.

New on 1.1:
* Support for isometric maps.
* Custom TileSet image flags.
* A few bug fixes.

* Accept both .json and .tmx formats.
* Import TileSets and Images as separate or embedded resources.
* Import collision, navigation and occluder shapes (if the objects are of the given type).
* A few options to tweak the import.

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Sha256 Hash: f77a3605d0c7832fdd1cacb982e2e9b3fb4d5645f9e266e9b52733c2643bea65