Simple Concept Template: 2D Top-Down-Shooter's icon

Simple Concept Template: 2D Top-Down-Shooter 1.0.0 Templates 4.2 Community

Submitted by user BosenCheng; MIT; 2023-12-28

A simple concept godot game template for 2D Top-Down-Shooter.

- Ready to use right away.
- Damage feedbacks including damage number, blink animation, a cross displayed when enemy killed.
- Moving trail (Particle effect).
- Bullet related particle effects (shot, hit).
- Camera shake when enemy killed.
- Blood particle effect.
- Simple sound effect.

- The character sprites are Polygon2D node. If you need replace it with your own, rember to edit the animation if the sprite is changed.
- The the window scretch is set to be "viewport" and "expand".

Check the page for playable demo:

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