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Google Play Games Services for Godot v1.7.0 Tools 4.2 Community

Submitted by user Jacob Ibanez Sanchez; MIT; 2024-03-03

Godot 4.2+ Plugin for integration with Google Play Games Services for Android games.

Download the file from the Releases section of the repository and uncompress its content to the root of your Godot Project.

The README contains further instructions on how to use the plugin.

These are the current functionalities covered so far:

Sign in
- Authenticate
- Sign in

- Increment and unlock achievements
- Reveal achievements
- Load achievements
- Show achievements

- Show leaderboards
- Submit scores
- Load Scores
- Load leaderboards
- Load top scores
- Load player centered scores

- Load friend list
- Compare profiles
- Search players
- Load current player

Save Games
- Save a game
- Load a game
- Display saved games to select or delete
- Load snapshots
- Delete a snapshot

- Increment events
- Load events
- Load events by ids

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