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TileMapsChef 0.1 2D Tools 4.2 Community

Submitted by user Pardok; GPLv3; 2023-12-08

Plugin to add some functionality to TileMaps

Currently only functionality it adds is an option to bake TileMaps into your NavigationRegion2D.


- Baking NavigationPolygon from multiple layers of TileMap(s)
This solves issue with Godot's 4.2 baking of tilemaps. If any of you colliders not on Layer0 of TileMap, they will be ignored. This tool scraps all tiles from all the layers (both tile layers and physics layers) and merges as obstructions. Select NavigationRegion2D first, then hold Ctrl (or ⌘ Command on Mac) and select any amount of TileMaps. On the bottom bar TileChef menu should appear, click it. You will see "Bake NavigationPolygon from TileMaps" button. Click it, polygon should be baked. For some reason it waits for you to switch focus to render your polygon in view, so just click on any node or switch to Output to see your polygons baked.

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