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Godot MIDI Player 2.5.4 Scripts 3.4 Community

Submitted by user arlez80; MIT; 2022-05-03

Embeddable Software MIDI Player for Godot Engine 3.4 and later.

2.5.4 update:
* Refactoring source codes
* Some changes smf/sf2 file reading APIs.

2.5.3 update:
* No use when running on debug build.

2.5.2 update:
* Added no_thread_mode for HTML5 env.

2.5.1 update:
* Fix crash when hot reload in the debug mode by save on the editor.

2.5.0 update:
* Use thread for sequence playing.

2.4.7 update:
* Fixed affected key_shift for drum track.
* Fixed attack/decay.

2.4.6 update:
* Fixed some problem with velocity range and key range

2.4.5 update:
* Added some drum track assign group.

2.4.4 update:
* Fixed occured error that set to volume_db before _ready( )

2.4.3 update:
* Added some signals (resets, etc...)
* Improved reuse player finding method

2.4.2 update:
* Fixed hold1 (sustain/dumper pedal) behavior.
* Update demo project.

2.4.1 update:
* Changed GodotMidiPlayer super class to Node

2.4.0 update:
* Signal only mode when MidiPlayer.soundfont is null

* 100% Pure GDScript
* Play Standard MIDI File format 0 and format 1 with SoundFont.
* Emit signals on some MIDI events (changes tempo, lyrics, markers or something).
* Receive raw midi messages
* You can play procedural generate MIDI sequences.




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