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Submitted by user Sakul Flee; MIT; 2024-01-06

What is this?
This is a Match Maker demo project for Godot.
The Match Maker framework is a project to enable easy and customizable multiplayer between two or more peers, remotely and locally.

It uses the "WebRTC (SIPSorcery)" plugin, also found here on the AssetLib ( or on GitHub (

Why use this?
This project enables you to implement a fully working match-making based Multiplayer within a few lines of code inside Godot!
The default settings already allow for most types of connection, for strict networks a TURN server as a relay is required.
Read more here:

How to use this?
1. Use this template as a starting project inside Godot
2. Build the project AT LEAST once
2a. (If on an older Godot version: Restart the Editor/Reload the project!)
3. Go to the top left corner of Godot and go to Project -> Project Settings.
Then, click on the Plugins tab and enable both plugins.

For more details please refer to the GitHub page:

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