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WebRTC (SIPSorcery) v3.0.0 Misc 4.2 Community

Submitted by user Sakul Flee; MIT; 2024-01-06

What is this?
This is a replacement for the official Godot-WebRTC plugin.
It is part of the Match Maker plugin, also found here on the AssetLib (https://godotengine.org/asset-library/asset/2398) or on GitHub (https://github.com/SakulFlee/Godot-WebRTC-Match-Maker/)

Why use this?
The official plugin works, mostly, but comes with a lot of issues and incompatibilities.
This plugin offers the SIPSorcery (https://sipsorcery-org.github.io/sipsorcery/index.html) WebRTC implementation, which is well battle-tested and stable.
This also allows us to add a lot more configurations and change very specific things in our apps.

What is WebRTC?
WebRTC is a connection protocol used to connect two or more peers together.
This protocol tries to always prioritize a local connection, if it is possible, and can fall back to a relay (TURN) server.
To learn more, go here: https://github.com/SakulFlee/Godot-WebRTC-Match-Maker/blob/main/Documentation/Match%20Maker/GettingStartedWithMatchMaker.md#better-connectivity

How to use this?
1. Make sure you have a C#/Mono project inside Godot
3. Install this plugin
4. Add the 'SIPSorcery' package to your C# project.
If you are using DotNet-Core, you can simply open a terminal and type:
dotnet add package SIPSorcery

For more details, please refer to the GitHub page:

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