Log - A logging plugin for Godot's icon

Log - A logging plugin for Godot 1.1.2 Tools 4.2 Community

Submitted by user albinaask; MIT; 2024-02-05

A fork of the GodotLogger plugin that has been added upon with new features, bugfixes and a thorough documentation.
- Fixed bugs

- Updated documentation
- Integrated settings into the EditorSettings singleton

New for the fork:
- Adds multiple log streams so you can control the log level independently for different parts of your project.
- Adds a fatal log level that causes your project to crash in a way that you can control.
- Adds comments to updated parts of the plugin.
- Adds options in top of the log stream.
- Adds shorthand methods for debug & error.
- Adds err_cond_... methods for quick error checking.
- Adds a scripted breakpoint (optional in setting) so errors freeze the execution and shows relevant info in the godot debugger.
- Adds support for multiple log files.
- Adds a test scene that can be used as an example of how the plugin can be used.

- Adds a basic logger to print out Nodes,Objects,Arrays,Dictionarys etc.
- Adds support for easily reading env vars & cmd line args.

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